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Frequently Asked Questions about ProClean Windows Utah

Have a question about our services? We have you covered! Check out all of our most commonly asked questions, below.

  • Can you give me a free quote?

    Yes! We would love to provide a free quote to you. Please fill out the Free Estimate form by clicking here and we will reach out to you or call our office at 801-553-6481 and we can help you that way.

  • How much do you charge?

    Our rate is typically $3-$5 per pane per side. Our price will occasionally be lower or higher depending on size, height and certain types of windows, such as french panes or storm windows.

  • Is there a minimum charge?

    Yes, there is. The minimum charge for a one-time job is $110.00 if you live within 20 minutes of our home office in Sandy, Utah. The farther we go the minimum does increase. We want to make our services worth it to you though so if you find that your job would be less than the minimum requirement please talk to us about perhaps adding services so that you are getting your money’s worth.

  • Do you work year-round?

    Yes! We absolutely work year-round. Windows do not get any less dirty in the winter and you want to be able to see out of your windows continuously. So, we are happily here for you whenever you need us.

  • What do you mean when you say window vs what is a pane? And how should I count?

    If you think of a typical bedroom window, you will have two panes of glass where one slides over the other along the track to let fresh air in. In a case such as this, you would have two panes of glass or one window. Think of the window as the cut out from the structure of your house and the panes as the pieces of glass. We can typically provide you a quote with either number, we just need to know which way you are counting. If you count by pane though your estimate will likely be more accurate.

  • What other services do you offer?

    We offer several services! Here are some: Awning Cleaning Ceiling fan cleaning Chandelier cleaning Construction clean-up Exterior window cleaning French pane cleaning Glass cabinet door cleaning Glass railing cleaning Gutter cleaning High access cleaning Interior window cleaning Light replacement Mineral Stain / Hardwater Removal Mirror cleaning Partition cleaning Pella window cleaning Pressure washing Screen cleaning Screen repair Shower door cleaning Sign Removal / Installation Skylights Solar panel cleaning Storm Window / door cleaning Track cleaning Vent cleaning Window well cleaning

  • How far out do I need to schedule?

    It depends on the time of year. During some of our busiest months we may be three weeks out on the schedule, however there are times during the year we can get you in within a few days. Please call our office at 801-533-6481 and we can provide you with a more specific timeframe for when you are interested.

  • How should I prepare for my appointment?

    In preparation for your appointment we ask that you open the blinds and/or shutters as well as move everything away from the window. If it takes excessive time for our technicians to move items there could be an additional charge. Remember, even if we are only doing the exterior of your home, we will need to have any applicable gates unlocked and animals put away for the time. This will allow us to do the best job possible for you.

  • Do I need to be home for my appointment?

    If we are only doing the exterior of your home and we have access to the areas being cleaned then no, you do not need to be home. You can go about your day and come home to the work done. We do need you home if we are doing interior work, or if you have exterior security screens as they need to be removed from the interior of your home.

  • What about the weather?

    Utah is a funny place, right? And you have your reasons for having your windows (or an alternate service) cleaned. If we are facing weather conditions that make it unsafe or impossible for us to do the work requested, we will reschedule with you. If you are hesitant to continue with the appointment due to weather let us know and we are happy to reschedule as needed. We do not typically call customers to reschedule if it is raining or snowing because unless we are told otherwise, we believe you want us to proceed.

  • Do you work on weekends or in the evenings?

    Typically, we do not work on the weekend or in the evenings. There may be special requests that can be accommodated, although that is not always the case. When we do weekend or evening work there is usually an upcharge to the work being done. If this is something you are interested in, please call us at 801-553-6481.

  • Can you do urgent requests?

    Sometimes we can honor a rush request, but not always. However, we will always do our best to help however we can. Keep in mind, there may be a list minute scheduling upcharge. Let us know as soon as you know you need work done and we will see what options are available at that time.

  • Can you get hardwater stains out?

    Most of the time we can remove your hard water stains or at least make a significant improvement. After time and enough hard water, the minerals can become etched or baked into the glass. Sometimes the only way to remove it then is to use special restoration products or buff the glass out. Sometimes it is best to replace the glass, but our crew will be able to identify what can be done when onsite.

  • I’ve been told I have a broken seal/vapor barrier (damage to my panes) … can you tell me more about that?

    Inevitably the seal in between two panes of glass gets old and breaks down. Gases are then usually released and/or react with the air giving it a wet, foggy, and/or discolored look. The only remedy is replacement. Often there is usually at least one window at most homes that has a broken seal or vapor barrier. The more sun at your home the more likely you are to have issues with this problem. Drastic temperature changes also play a factor, and here in Utah we are certain to experience that. Please understand this is not a reflection on the home or the homeowner – it happens everywhere.

  • I have high up windows; can you still take care of my house?

    It is extremely unusual that we are unable to get to all your windows. For residential locations we can go up four stories. Our commercial team can go up forty stories. If you are still concerned, we would be happy to come and check out your location to confirm our accessibility.

  • What do you use to clean windows?

    Good old-fashioned soap and water. There are also times we use a water filtration system that uses on-site purified water, this allows windows to dry spot free. Think of it like a car wash, but so much more thorough!

  • What do you use to clean hardwater?

    When we come across hardwater or mineral water that is when we bring out the big guns – we use a special acid to remove as much as is possible. Do you clean the frames and are they included? Everything gets wiped down. We do not do a deep or detailed clean unless that is service you have requested, but a wipe down of the dirt/dust is usually what customers are looking for. Please note that the outside track is not a part of the frame.

  • What are tracks?

    Not all windows have tracks. Think of it this way, if your window has or has had a screen then it has a track. Older homes tend to have aluminum tracks and newer homes tend to have vinyl tracking.

  • What about window wells?

    This is a commonly asked question because it can be a bit confusing! Do we do windows that are inside wells, yes, absolutely. Do we clean out the wells meaning the garbage and gunk on the well floor? Yes, we can do that. Do you want the side walls cleaned? We would be happy to help. Just be clear with us in what you need. When it comes to the wells the price will range based on how much time it will take to complete the job. As you can imagine some homes only have a few leaves to clean up at the bottom and some wells, well they look like haunted forests with untold creepy crawlies.

  • How frequently should I have my windows cleaned?

    Overall, we recommend no less than twice a year for the exterior and at least once a year for the interior. The frequency depends on several factors. How much wind kicks up in storms near your home? Do you have pets and/or small children that touch the windows? Does your city have hard water that gets on your windows? How active is your home? Every location is different, and we have a plan for that. See our maintenance plan discounts that are available here.

  • Will you wear masks?

    Absolutely! With the current conditions such as they are and as a sign of respect to you, we will always wear masks whenever we are inside a building. If we are outside and interacting no closer than six feet, we will work without masks according to local restrictions. However, again, safety is our top priority and we want to do anything we can to help with the current pandemic.

  • What do your technicians do to show respect in my home?

    Our technicians will wear booties instead of shoes or remove shoes based on customer preference, we wear masks, and we cover ladders with ladder towels. If we move an object in your home, we move it back (please see how to prepare for my appointment). In short, we always do our best to leave a location better than we found it.

  • How can I help take care of my windows?

    Regular maintenance cleaning is always the best answer to taking care of your windows. Another wonderful service to your windows is to adjust sprinklers to ensure they do not spray on your glass.

  • How can I help take care of my screens?

    Just like your windows, you need to have regular maintenance cleaning done on your screens. It is also wise to remove screens in winter months when they are not in use and store them where the weather will not deteriorate their integrity

  • Do you use razor blades?

    Professional glass scrapers are used for post-construction/renovation debris removal only after our technicians are trained to properly do so. Each of our cleaners are thoroughly trained to be extremely careful not to scratch glass using a window scraper. Scrapers are never used to clean tempered glass.

  • I’ve heard that my solar panels won’t work as well if they are dirty, is that true?

    According to Popular Mechanics (,of%2035%20percent%20or%20more.): “They found that solar panels in very dirty environments saw a 25 percent drop in efficiency from atmospheric pollution alone. Combining these two effects, a solar panel located in a heavily polluted environment that hasn't been cleaned in a month or more might see a total efficiency drop of 35 percent or more.” With that said, we would recommend regular maintenance cleaning to keep up the efficiency of your solar investment.

  • Can you replicate a screen?

    If you have a physical screen that will fit into the window that you want to duplicate, then yes we can replicate a screen. We unfortunately are not able to make a screen without some form of a template.

  • What is your minimum for screens?

    There is a three screen per location minimum. Please see your technician for the cost of each screen as this can vary depending on things such the need for a re-mesh or a rebuild, special materials, and the severity of the damage.

  • How do I know if I have security screens?

    Are you able to remove your screens from the outside? Then they are not security screens. If your screens must be removed from the interior, then they are security screens. We would need you home for any cleaning service we provide to you if this is the case as we would need to get inside your house.

  • Is it different if I have French panes? Storm windows? Pella Windows?

    Yes. Yes. And yes. If you have specialty windows the price will vary. Price is based on each type of specialty window. Please contact us for details.

  • Should I do a maintenance clean?

    Of course, we encourage maintenance cleans as he keeps hardwater buildup at bay. AS for the frequency, we recommend you decide what is best for you and your home. We have a variety of plans available with discounts you can see here.

  • Do you offer any discounts or plans?

    Yes! For customers that use us to clean their windows at least once a year we begin offering discounts. The more frequently we come in a year the greater the discounts. We offer the following: Annually - 5% Semi-annually - 10% Tri-annually or quarterly - 15% Bi-monthly or monthly - 20% Custom options - Please call

  • Is a contract required to be on a maintenance plan?

    No, currently we do not require a contract. Just let us know when you would like us to start and how frequently you would like us to return. We like things simple.

  • Can I get a discount if I refer a friend/family member?

    We hope we always instill enough trust and confidence with you in our work that you would be willing to refer us to family members or friends. Currently though, we do not offer discounts for such referrals. That may change in the future, but as of now our discounts come through our maintenance plan.

  • Can I give the technicians money?

    Yes, all our technicians are trusted employees who have been background checked before we hired them. We also have a reporting system in place to ensure your money is accounted for by our office at the end of the business day. If you have any concerns or do not feel comfortable paying them you are welcome to pay in a variety of other ways (see how here).

  • Is a gratuity expected?

    As with most home service industries gratuities or tips are never expected, but always appreciated. Should you decide you would like to provide a tip, but don’t know what to do, you’ll find a quick online search will recommend anything from $5 per technician to 20% of the total bill. Whatever you opt to do is at your discretion and we first and foremost appreciate the opportunity to do business with you.

  • What areas in Utah do you cover?

    Primarily we service Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, Wasatch, Summit, and Tooele counties. However, we do go beyond those locations. Please note though that the farther the distance there may be a travel fee associated with your service. Please contact our office at 801-553-6481 with any questions.

  • Why should I hire a professional instead of do it myself or higher a neighbor kid?

    There are several reasons why choosing a professional is the best option. Do you really want to climb up and down on ladders? Or do you want someone who isn’t licensed, insured, and even trained doing that on your property? Do you want the jobs done by trained and experienced individuals who will be able to get in and out without causing you stress or leave your home looking worse than when they started? You do what you are best at and allow us to do what we are best at for you. You can decide if it is worth it to you.

  • Are you insured?

    Absolutely! If you need a certificate of insurance please let us know what your requirements as well as who the certificate holder should be listed as and we will get that to you right away, just call 801-553-6481 or email [email protected].

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