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Utah’s Top Local Rated Commercial Window Cleaners

ProClean Windows provides window cleaning and other high-access services for commercial buildings of all sizes. Our commercial team is completely qualified to clean any building in Utah using a variety of methods of access wherever necessary.

Our Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Our Commercial Teams’ #1 goal is to provide services to property managers and owners in a way that enables them to focus on their top priorities. No one wants to spend time worrying about the windows getting cleaned right; we know managers have higher priorities! From the first phone call requesting an estimate to invoicing accurately upon completion, we commit to providing excellent service throughout your entire experience. Our commercial services include:

  • Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Mineral Stain Removal
  • Construction Clean-up
  • Sign Removal / Installation
  • Awning Cleaning
  • Light Replacement

ProClean Windows very rarely subcontracts its work to others. This means we have greater control over the quality of services our team provides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our services? We have you covered! Check out our most commonly asked questions, below.

  • Can you give me a free quote?

    Yes! We would love to provide a free quote to you. Please fill out the Free Estimate form by clicking here and we will reach out to you or call our office at 801-553-6481 and we can help you that way.

  • How much do you charge?

    Our rate is typically $3-$5 per pane per side. Our price will occasionally be lower or higher depending on size, height and certain types of windows, such as french panes or storm windows.

  • Is there a minimum charge?

    Yes, there is. The minimum charge for a one-time job is $110.00 if you live within 20 minutes of our home office in Sandy, Utah. The farther we go the minimum does increase. We want to make our services worth it to you though so if you find that your job would be less than the minimum requirement please talk to us about perhaps adding services so that you are getting your money’s worth.

  • Do you work year-round?

    Yes! We absolutely work year-round. Windows do not get any less dirty in the winter and you want to be able to see out of your windows continuously. So, we are happily here for you whenever you need us.

  • What other services do you offer?

    We offer several services! Here are some: Awning Cleaning Ceiling fan cleaning Chandelier cleaning Construction clean-up Exterior window cleaning French pane cleaning Glass cabinet door cleaning Glass railing cleaning Gutter cleaning High access cleaning Interior window cleaning Light replacement Mineral Stain / Hardwater Removal Mirror cleaning Partition cleaning Pella window cleaning Pressure washing Screen cleaning Screen repair Shower door cleaning Sign Removal / Installation Skylights Solar panel cleaning Storm Window / door cleaning Track cleaning Vent cleaning Window well cleaning

  • How far out do I need to schedule?

    In preparation for your appointment we ask that you open the blinds and/or shutters as well as move everything away from the window. If it takes excessive time for our technicians to move items there could be an additional charge. Remember, even if we are only doing the exterior of your home, we will need to have any applicable gates unlocked and animals put away for the time. This will allow us to do the best job possible for you

  • What about the weather?

    Utah is a funny place, right? And you have your reasons for having your windows (or an alternate service) cleaned. If we are facing weather conditions that make it unsafe or impossible for us to do the work requested, we will reschedule with you. If you are hesitant to continue with the appointment due to weather let us know and we are happy to reschedule as needed. We do not typically call customers to reschedule if it is raining or snowing because unless we are told otherwise, we believe you want us to proceed.

  • Can you do urgent requests?

    Sometimes we can honor a rush request, but not always. However, we will always do our best to help however we can. Keep in mind, there may be a list minute scheduling upcharge. Let us know as soon as you know you need work done and we will see what options are available at that time

  • Can you get hardwater stains out?

    Most of the time we can remove your hard water stains or at least make a significant improvement. After time and enough hard water, the minerals can become etched or baked into the glass. Sometimes the only way to remove it then is to use special restoration products or buff the glass out. Sometimes it is best to replace the glass, but our crew will be able to identify what can be done when onsite.

  • What do you use to clean windows?

    Good old-fashioned soap and water. There are also times we use a water filtration system that uses on-site purified water, this allows windows to dry spot free. Think of it like a car wash, but so much more thorough!

  • What do you use to clean hardwater?

    When we come across hardwater or mineral water that is when we bring out the big guns – we use a special acid to remove as much as is possible.

  • Do you offer any discounts or plans?

    Yes! For customers that use us to clean their windows at least once a year we begin offering discounts. The more frequently we come in a year the greater the discounts. We offer the following: Annually - 5% Semi-annually - 10% Tri-annually or quarterly - 15% Bi-monthly or monthly - 20% Custom options - Please call

  • Is a contract required to be on a maintenance plan?

    No, currently we do not require a contract. Just let us know when you would like us to start and how frequently you would like us to return. We like things simple.

  • What areas in Utah do you cover?

    Primarily we service Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, Wasatch, Summit, and Tooele counties. However, we do go beyond those locations. Please note though that the farther the distance there may be a travel fee associated with your service. Please contact our office at 801-553-6481 with any questions.

  • Are you insured?

    Absolutely! If you need a certificate of insurance please let us know what your requirements as well as who the certificate holder should be listed as and we will get that to you right away, just call 801-553-6481 or email [email protected].

Safety First

Safety is every property manager and owner’s top priority! ProClean Windows holds 3 important certifications that set us apart from most of our competition:

  • IWCA (International Window Cleaning Association) High-Rise Certification
  • SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) Certification
  • SAIA (Scaffold Access Industry Association) Certification

Practicing Safety First Greatly Reduces Risk of Accidents Occurring on Your Property!

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